Heavy Hitter


GOLDSPACE is a Boston based Electronic Pop duo consisting of Maia Quin and Andre Samuel. They released their first Single "Heavy Hitter" featuring Saint Laurant in November 2017, and have now re-released it through SunPop Music based in New York. They are currently working on their debut EP and play shows around the Boston area with a live band of Berklee students.

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Pleasure (March 2018)

Rainbow Dog

Co-Writer and Featured Vocals

A FAR CRY (January 2018)

Saint laurANt

Co-Writer and Featured Vocals on 'H.W.Y' and 'Loser'

LOST BOY ON A TRAIN (March 2017)

Saint laurANt & Andre The Giant

Co-Writer and Featured Vocals on 'Can't Sleep'

Searchlight Moon (July 2016)


Experimental pop project with producer Jason Carmer.
Lyrics, Melodies and Vocals over synth tracks Jason made in the 80s

SICKKK & I MADE A MISTAKE (November 2016)

Maia with James Williamson

Co-writer and Lead Vocals

14 may

Posted by: admin | music

GOLDSPACE IS a Heavy Hitter

The duo from Boston, MA comprised of Maia Quin & Andre Samuel team up with Saint Laurant to provide the surreal bounce that is 'Heavy Hitter'. The duo wastes no time getting into the crux of the track; dreamy vocals accompanied by the intoxicating bounce of the percussion..

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24 april

Posted by: admin | music

This GOLDSPACE x Saint Laurant collab is amazing

GOLDSPACE & Saint Laurant teamed up recently to deliver this flawless gem. Blending styles of future R&B/Hip-Hop, the two artists bring something that's truly unique inside and out.

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